Zarząd Intertransauto

Andrei Smoliar

President of the INTERTRANSAUTO Group

Has a technical and economic education.

He began transport business in 2000 with 3 small trucks. And after 10 years the company was “Best Eurasian International Haulier of 2011 and 2017”. And in 2009, he received an “effective anti-crisis programme” award from IRU.

He is crisis manager and business coach in the world of transport, together with IRU, he developed a programme specifically for business owners and senior managers. He is a member of IRU and he recived a title of Industry Shaper

Also Andrei is a professional diver, he likes to travel and sport

We are available 24/7

We provide high-quality international cargo transport, improving logistics business processes
transport, based on the use of the latest technologies, as well as the experience and professionalism of employees companies.

Our team consists of experienced drivers, forwarders and logisticians, as well as IRU experts.

We provide high quality services at the best prices.